December 20, 2017

Review: Imperfect Justice

Imperfect Justice Imperfect Justice by Cara C. Putman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing book! Putman isn't afraid to tackle the difficult discussions. I already knew this from book one in this series but I really loved how she tackled domestic issues in this book. She handled it so well. I really love that it was the theme of the book but that I still got to enjoy moments with dates and girl talk and friendship too. It really had everything I needed in a good book.

I think one of my favorite parts of this book was that Em didn't need to work her second job as a writer for the money, but that she did it because she was good at it and liked it! It is so important to do things we love especially when we are also good at them.

I also really loved Reid. He was a great hero because he wasn't perfect but he was willing to admit when he had made mistakes in his life and worked hard to do better with his future. I love realistic heroes!

Another great part about this book was how Putman included two different types of domestic issues and weaved them into one. I also like that both included elements of suspense and surprise as we didn't know exactly who was the culprit of either until the very end. I've always loved suspense books so that was a perfect part of the book for me.

I could continue gushing because I loved this book so much but I'll just say that if you are a fan of legal suspense drama this is the book for you. Oh and it has just the right amount of romance too!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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