August 14, 2017

Christian Fiction Readers Retreat 2017!

2nd Annual Christian Fiction Readers Retreat

So this past weekend I spent all day Saturday with 3 women (Annie of Just Commonly, Carrie of Reading is my Superpower, and Bonnie Roof) who organized this amazing event with 40 authors and I'd guess around 160 readers! It was so much fun to be congregated in a room with so many Christian readers/reviewers/bloggers/authors all at the same time. We all just got each other. We all understood staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish that book that just can't be put down. It was so fun to see each other getting super excited to see our favorite authors in real life! This event truly was a dream come true! And for the record I restrained myself and only bought ONE book. Just Look Up by Courtney Walsh. Though I would have bought Pepper Basham's new one, Just the Way You Are, if they'd had it!

Just look at all those amazing authors! And there were so many bloggers there that I love too. And I got to room with two women, Sarah and Jessica, I've known through review circles for years. We stayed up way too late both nights talking books, authors, and genres! It was so fun!

I just want to share with y'all a few of my favorite moments!

  • Worship! The beautiful Nicole Coley led worship. We sang some favorites and we also learned a couple of songs she wrote! The sound of all our voices lifted up praising God was very spirit filled and a true blessing!
  • Becky Wade and Dani Pettrey did a super fun video presentation about the stages of writing a book. Such a neat glimpse into their lives! 
Becky Wade and we Facetimed Dani Pettrey!

  • The breakout session with a panels of authors talking about Book Boyfriends! There really is nothing better than talking about the heroes in these books. The only thing better would have been more time with more authors to talk about more heroes!
Book Boyfriends chat!

  • Meeting all these authors I've been reading/reviewing for for so long. Especially the ones that I'm on street teams for! It was fun to meet them all but I especially went all fan girl when I saw Melissa Tagg walk through the hotel lobby! And then when Katie Ganshert recognized me in the bathroom!!! Yup! Fun times! I also had the privilege of sharing books with Courtney Walsh! I mean how fun is that!
Melissa Tagg!

Courtney Walsh!

Katie Ganshert!

  • Getting books signed by these amazing women! I'm pretty minimalist when it comes to keeping books but these books I have signed by Becky Wade, Melissa Tagg, Courtney Walsh, Katie Ganshert, and Susan May Warren...those are keepers! I'm just sad I couldn't buy Pepper's book! They didn't have her latest that I LOVED! But it was a joy to meet her! There were so many other authors I was super excited to meet too. But I truly cannot name them all without leaving someone out. But I'll try! I'd already met Dawn Crandall but it was great to see her again, Susan Anne Mason, Ruth Logan Herne, Sondra Kraak...

Susan May Warren

  • And look at all this book swag we all got! The bag is amazing and came with tons of books and cute little gifts from authors/publishers/bloggers!
Most of this came in the bag! There are four books I brought from home to be signed and one book I bought at the retreat!
  • And last but not least! I made all kinds of new friends! So fun to meet more authors, aspiring authors, bloggers, reviewers, and readers! Looking forward to cultivating those new friendships online this year and then reuniting next year!

Truly hope I can attend the 3rd annual CFRR next year too! This was an amazing experience!

Thanks again to Annie, Bonnie, and Carrie and Melony and Beth, and all the authors for an amazing event!

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