May 26, 2017

Review: What Hope Remembers

What Hope Remembers What Hope Remembers by Johnnie Alexander
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

it was neat to revisit Misty Willow in this third book of the series. It does read okay as a standalone but I always recommend reading any series in order.

I love Tess. She is such a good aunt and mother figure. But as she was only a secondary character I didn't get enough of her in this book.

I really liked Gabe. I feel like he overcame a lot and showed a lot of growth even if most of it was not necessarily on the pages of the book but implied.

I didn't connect with Amy at all. I didn't see the character growth I would have liked to have seen. I also didn't like how she constantly references old problems she had and things she'd done as if I should already know about her past. I was also disappointed by her maturity level. I would have expected more.

This book's plot didn't keep me real engaged either. I liked the setting and the intrigue of finding out how things would work out but it wasn't a page turner for me. I usually read a book quickly and this one took me three evenings.

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