February 5, 2017

Dining Room

I rarely post much on here unless it is book related. But Eric just finished redoing our dining room from siding on the outside to new paint on new drywall on the inside.

Since some of our friends and family do not have Facebook I thought I should share a few before, during and after pictures here with the rest of the world.

Before it was this nasty, ugly wood paneling surrounding the least energy efficient and oddly sized windows ever. We were tired of how much energy we were losing through those windows and decided it was worth biting the bullet and spending the money to fix things.

Very odd size windows. Also, I hated the light fixture.
More odd sized windows and a drafty door too. Eric hated the door being in the corner.
So we decided we would take out the windows and doors and put in new standard sized ones. Eric envisioned just redoing small amounts of framing and siding on the outside... but instead we ended up redoing everything...

We ended up re-insulating the entire room.
And since he found the sheeting under the siding in such bad condition he redid that too.
lots of reframing
And we decided to take down the poorly designed and built back porch too.
His siding and lighting job! First time for him and it looks amazing! So much nicer without the porch. We're hoping to do the rest of the house soon but may need to save up for a year.
Love our new light fixture and normal size windows!
And the finished product!
The walls are Behr's Barrista. I don't remember what the door is but I love the pop of color it gives the room. Now I just need to find some fabric for curtains. But for now I'm just thrilled the room is DONE.

PS In the middle of this project we had to do this:

Because our water main from the meter to the house had a leak. So Eric just replaced the whole thing...

Home ownership....

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