September 2, 2016

Review: Bearing Hope: Navigating the Desert of Waiting for a Child

Bearing Hope: Navigating the Desert of Waiting for a Child Bearing Hope: Navigating the Desert of Waiting for a Child by Liv Ryan
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Awhile back a fiction author I love shared this book on Facebook and I knew I needed to read it. While we do not have an official diagnosis of infertility I've never gotten pregnant. And since I also have chronic female pain we've decided not to pursue a diagnosis nor treatment. I did try medicine a couple times but it just wasn't worth how it made me feel physically or emotionally or the financial cost...I do still hope and long to foster and/or adopt someday but am definitely in a period of waiting.

Anyway, this book was really good. I'd recommend it to pretty much any woman who either is infertile (no matter what type of infertility), has lost a baby (or babies) to miscarriage, stillbirth, or any age loss, and also to friends of people dealing with these issues. I would also recommend this book to people pursuing adoption, that have been through failed adoptions, and even people that have decided to live a child free life due to whatever reason (health concerns, genetic concerns, and/or infertility, miscarriage or loss).

Liv Ryan shares in this book as someone who has lived through these experiences. She has suffered miscarriages, infertility, failed adoptions etc. You can trust that she is writing from her own deeply painful experiences. She doesn't sugar coat anything. She doesn't ignore the pain. She writes from her heart.

Liv Ryan very carefully examines almost all of the reasons a woman might be suffering the pain of waiting for a child. She uses many personal stories from her own life as well as from the lives of many other women. None of the stories specifically matched my situation but they still spoke to me. I especially appreciated the topic of how to answer questions like "when are you going to start a family" with grace. I've been fairly fortunate that I don't get those questions super often. But when I do it is hard to handle them with grace. I also appreciated her discussion of how hard it is to go to church sometimes. For me, the hardest day is Mother's Day. I'll be honest I skip church that day every year. And this past year it was especially obnoxious to be told Happy Mother's Day by strangers that I know meant well but shouldn't have assumed that just because I'm female I'm a mother.

My hope is that other women who are feeling these similar feelings of pain will find this book helpful.

I really loved that throughout the book Liv Ryan mentioned three of my all time favorite Bible verses. Romans 8:26, James 1:27, and Isaiah 43:2.
I also loved numerous mentions of Foster Care throughout this book. It is my deepest desire to someday soon be able to do Foster Care in our home. If you read this feel free to pray for us about that!

And I'll leave you with the best quote from this book. I feel like this review needs to end on a lighter note :)

"Men, if you ever wanted to know what a female mind feels like, imagine a Chrome browser with 2,403 tabs open. All. The. Time." -Liv Ryan

The author sent me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review which I have provided.

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