August 15, 2016

Review: Two Ways Home

Two Ways Home Two Ways Home by Sondra Kraak
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading the first book in this series I was really excited for this one to come out! I really loved the banter between Luke and Mary. I like women who can joke around with and keep up with the teasing of men and just tease them right back. Makes for a really fun interchange between characters.

I really empathized with Luke in this story having to head home after having been way. I felt many of the same emotions he felt anytime I went home after moving away. It can be a really hard transition. I loved his character. He had a lot of flaws that came out slowly throughout the story at just the perfect times. I like a man who can be so blunt and honest while still being a good guy. I really appreciated the fairly unique strugges that Luke dealt with. I don't want to spoil anything but I believe it was an excellent addition to the story and might be really eye opening for some people. I didn't empathize quite so well with Mary and her desire to stay home but she was a good balance to Luke's constant wanting to go back to Texas. I did admire her incredibly strong worth ethic though.

This friends to marriage love story was really good. I liked how we got to see the relationship evolve and sometimes got Luke's inside perspective into his feelings. And the building love between them made for some great chemistry in the pages of this book.

The only part of this book that threw me off a little was when it would switch back to when they were kids. I have trouble with dual time books because I tend to get so enveloped in one time setting that when it switches to another time it throws me off. It was done very well in this book it just isn't my favorite so I'm mentioning it.

Overall this was a super cute story full of wit and banter but also full of really open and honest feelings from the characters. I loved the theme of forgiveness but I also loved the idea that you don't always end up where you think you will and sometimes it is even better that way.

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