June 5, 2016

Review: Incriminating Evidence

Incriminating Evidence Incriminating Evidence by Rachel Dylan
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I love Rachel Dylan's books because of their authenticity. Since she actually is a lawyer I feel like she writes the most compelling female lawyer characters because she actually knows the field. I loved feeling like I was actually sitting in the courtroom during the case in this book. I could picture the jury and honestly almost felt like I was transported because of how well written the book was.

The other part of her books that I really love is how well she weaves faith into her stories. All throughout this book both of the main characters constantly talk about their faith and how important it is to them. I especially liked it in this book because both characters really learned to truly rely on God in their lives and really lived out that faith as they prayed continuously.

I really loved both characters in this book. Zach and Jessica made a great pair both being new in their fields. But I loved how both of them were excelling in their jobs even though they were young. I was surprised at how fast Jessica was able to come around to being comfortable around Zach given her past but not too surprised since this was a shorter book and there wasn't as much time to give her. I was glad to get to know two characters that didn't have perfect childhoods but still managed to move on in life to find successful careers that they loved.

Love Inspired Suspense books honestly always move to fast for me. But I know that is the nature of the type of book they are. The more LIS books I read the more I discover of how the plots work so things usually wrap up the way that I expect them to but Dylan does an excellent job of taking the mold her books are supposed to fit into and still making me guess who the bad guy is. I tried to think of who it was in this book and was surprised in the end at who it was! I was a little disappointed in part of the culmination but still loved the book.

All in all I really loved this book. LIS books are perfect for a lazy afternoon on the couch when you want suspense but also a great romance. I can't wait to read more LIS from Dylan in the future along with her independently published books.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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