June 6, 2016

Review: Expert Witness

Expert Witness Expert Witness by Rachel Dylan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was action packed from the beginning. I really liked Sydney's strong personality. But what I loved even more was her faith in God that led every aspect of her life. While it was hard to read about some of the things she experienced in her past I was rejoicing that she found a relationship with God. Of course I was also glad she learned to stand up for herself both physically and through pursuing her career dreams.

This was a first for me reading about a main character that was a sketch artist. It is a very intriguing career choice and a great pick by Dylan to add a new level of authenticity to her characters. I've read quite a few books where the man works in witness protection so Max's career wasn't as impressive but I did enjoy how seriously he took it!

Expert Witness has quite a few plot twists and surprises throughout. There was one toward the beginning that really made me gasp. If you enjoy suspense then I think you'll love this book. Same as with her other books I never did figure out who all the bad guys were!

But as much as I loved this book I have to admit I was longing for a little more romance. I was glad that Dylan didn't let it take over the entire story but I wouldn't have minded a few more kissing scenes :) But I did apprecaite that the characters didn't just get lost in the moment but instead were grown adults approaching a new relationship with a fair amount of caution.

Overall this was an excellent book and I'm looking forward to future LIS and independent books from Dylan.

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