March 7, 2016

Breaking Free

Breaking Free
By Jennifer Slattery

Breaking Free is missional fiction at its best. With some of the most realistic characters in Christian Fiction today Slattery gives a glimpse of what alcoholism, gambling addiction, lack of communication, and financial dishonesty can do to a family - even a Christian family that seems to have it all together. But she also shows what can happen when said family reaches their breaking point, cries out to God, and decides to come together and find their way again.

This book really made me take a moment to remember that just because a friend seems to have it all together that she may not. Deep down she might be suffering from a marital problem so deep she doesn't even know how to get help for it. I pray that if I ever had a friend in trouble that she would know she could come to me for help.

I really loved reading a book where I truly felt God was using the author's words to reach people. I loved that nothing was sugar coated and that no character was perfect. I know that many readers will focus on certain sins in this book but I felt Slattery really portrayed a couple where both parties played a role in the demise of the relationship. So often society places all the blame on one person and I liked that in this book multiple times Alice admitted that she didn't know what to do and even didn't know how to or want to pray.

Breaking Free is not an easy read. It will show you the depths of sin and the awful feelings everyone felt as a result of the sin. But it also showed ways out from under the sin and talked about the importance of relationships and meetings for addiction.

I did struggle personally with the ending a little bit and how fast it seemed but even though it seemed fast I felt it was handled very well in a very redemptive way. I am thankful that there are second chances.

I received a free advanced copy of this book from the publisher though NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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