February 21, 2016

Sins of the Past

Sins of the Past

Sometimes when I read a collection of novellas I just get annoyed with how short they are and how lame the theme is. That was certainly not the case this time! Each  novella was uniquely excellent and all three really worked the "sins of the past" theme in perfectly. I love all three of these authors and enjoyed another glimpse into their writing styles. Dee Henderson is my all time favorite author but in this collection Dani Pettrey's novella was my favorite because I got to meet the parents behind the Alaskan Courage series! If you like Henderson, Pettrey, or Eason I really cannot recommend this collection enough!

Now for my thoughts on each individual novella:

1. Dee Henderson: Loved it. It really was the perfect little novella. I loved the timeline of the story. And the characters were great. I did figure out who the bad guy was but not the motive. Very enjoyable read.

2. Dani Pettrey: Reading the love story of Mr and Mrs McKenna from her Alaska series was wonderful! I loved the glimpse into the couple that raised the kids in one of my favorite series! Ben and Libby's story is full of suspense, action, and of course love. Never a dull moment in Pettrey's Alaska books.

3. Lynette Eason: Eason's novella has it all! Romance, suspense, mystery, and action. I really liked how well paced this novella was. For as short as it was it didn't feel rushed at all. And while I did suspect who was after her I never figured out the motive. A very enjoyable read.

I received an advanced copy of this book through the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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