February 21, 2016

Shattered Memories

Shattered Memories 
by Debbie Lynne Costello

Description from Amazon:

The Charleston earthquake has left destruction like nothing Doctor Andrew Warwick has ever seen. On a desperate mission to find the lady who owns his heart, he frantically searches through the rubble, where he finds her injured and lifeless. After she regains consciousness, the doctor’s hopes are quickly dashed as he realizes she doesn’t remember him. Things only get worse when he discovers she believes she’s still engaged to the abusive scoundrel, Lloyd Pratt. Now Drew is on a race with the wedding clock to either help her remember or win her heart again before she marries the wrong man.

Waking in a makeshift hospital, Olivia Macqueen finds herself recovering from a head injury. With amnesia stealing a year of her memories, she has trouble discerning between lies and truth. When her memories start returning in bits and pieces, she must keep up the charade of amnesia until she can find out the truth behind the embezzlement of her family’s business while evading the danger lurking around her.


My Review: 4 Stars!

This was my first book by Costello but I am already looking forward to the next book in this series. I do love stories that are based loosely on real historical events so this one being based on the Charleston Earthquake was right up my alley.

I loved Drew's character. Many of his traits were quite admirable. His care for all of his patients was wonderful and his patience overall was amazing. I also fell in love with his entire family and am looking forward to hopefully meeting them again in the next books in the series.

Olivia has been through so much both before and after the earthquake. My heart broke for her on multiple occasions. I cannot even imagine waking up from an injury to not remember a whole year of my life!

I felt Drew and Olivia's story was very sweet. I enjoyed following their journey to reconnecting in love. I also appreciated that the happily ever after included many hard times and not just happy moments. There was also the perfect amount of outside obstacles and conflict thrown into the book that made for just the right amount of action in the story.

The spiritual side of this story was especially strong for Drew's character as he learned lessons in faith. However, I never really got the feeling that he really did learn those lessons until the very last pages of the book. I would have enjoyed reading more about his life AFTER he learned the lessons.

Overall this was a great historical Christian novel with strong themes of love, redemption, and family.

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I received a free advanced electronic version of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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