February 9, 2016

Kissed by a Cowboy

Kissed by a Cowboy
by Debra Clopton

This was my second book to read by Debra Clopton but is the third in this series. She is a great author to read if you like the country western cowboy scene with a lot of romance. Kissed by a Cowboy tells the story of the oldest Monahan boy, Jarrod, and his late neighbor's niece, Cassidy. And they have a history...and sparks!

I'm a huge fan of books where the characters get second chances to do things better or fix past mistakes so this book was perfect for me. And the humor a midst the romance in these pages made it a delight to read.

I really enjoyed reading this book from both male and female perspectives as Jarrod and Cassidy took turns sharing their points of view. Sometimes alternating points of views can annoy me and make me prefer one character over the other but in this case it was perfect and I couldn't decide who I liked better - the charming and persistent cowboy or the stubborn neighbor!

Another part I really liked was the little bit of action and suspense thrown in. It wasn't enough to classify it in those genres but for someone like me who really enjoys those genres it was a nice addition to the story.

More detail into the internal growth and change in both Cassidy and Jarrod would have made this book even better though. I appreciated the internal struggles they were both facing with their pasts and felt they had a good conversation or two about how their pasts affected them but at the same time I felt like they almost overcame their pasts off the pages of the book and we were just told about it later.

Overall this was a great read. Clopton is definitely being added to my list of authors to read more of in the future. Her balance between swoon-worthy romance and realistic fiction make her books very enjoyable.

Thomas Nelson and NetGalley provided me with an advanced copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest review.

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