February 29, 2016

Always Watching

Always Watching
by Lynette Eason

This book had one of my favorite things: a strong female lead. I also liked that there was romance in the story but that it wasn't the main story because that made for a better action/suspense book.

I liked the premise of a group of female bodyguards especially protecting someone like Wade because obviously a female can blend in better in some of the places he spent time without seeming obvious. I also liked how Eason kept the identity of the stalker so secretive. But I have to admit I figured out who it was pretty early on in the story and started to lose interest.

Overall this was a good story full of action, lots of suspense, quite a few twists and turns, and plenty of interesting characters. Eason did a great job trying to lead me to the wrong person as the stalker I just didn't fall for it.

In the end I found I liked Wade, Olivia, and all of the other characters but just didn't really fall in love with any of them.

I received a free copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

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