January 12, 2016

Where She Belongs

Where She Belongs
by Johnnie Alexander

I always know a book is going to get a five star rating when after I finish it I cannot sleep because I’m thinking about how good it is and keep remembering all my favorite characters and scenes.

Where She Belongs blew me away in every aspect. The characterization was so well developed that I feel I have a new friend in Shelby. And when I first met AJ I really couldn’t stand him but then quickly realized what a great guy he was! Typical to most Christian Romantic Fiction books I knew how it was going to end but the journey to the end was so enjoyable. Alexander threw in just the right amount of plot twists to keep me guessing! And her side characters were wonderful enough to add drama to the story and hook me for book two but at the same time didn’t distract me from the story.

For me this was a fast read – probably due to the fact that I loved it so much. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to find out how the various conflicts would turn out. I loved the internal conflict almost every single character faced from their pasts and I loved that a couple of the characters regularly turned to God for guidance in their lives. I especially loved how Shelby and AJ both truly listened as God led them to make choices in their lives.

The romantic conflict was also quite intriguing. It isn’t very often that I find myself reading about a love triangle in a Christian romantic fiction book but this story incorporated a triangle multiple times that kept me guessing! The typical banter between AJ and Shelby was also quite fun too.

I think readers who enjoy Katie Ganshert’s books will love this book because it tackles some difficult topics but still has a wonderful love story full of spiritual growth, forgiveness, and second chances!

The publisher, Revell, provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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