January 23, 2016

Running on Empty

Running on Empty
by CJ Darlington

Running on Empty is the fourth book in the Thicker than Blood series by CJ Darlington. While this book really can be read as a standalone I did take the time to read the first three books before I read it and was glad I did because they were all really good too!

I think one of my favorite parts about this book were the examples of childlike faith. Little Callie in this book is so young but she finds a Bible for free and starts reading it and has a vague memory of a preacher and she begins to pray. I found it very inspiring that anytime things got scary or hard she said they should pray. What wise words from a child!

I also really enjoyed the sisterly bond that Del and Callie shared. Actually the theme of sisters resonates throughout all of Darlington's books. Since I don't have a sister it was neat to read about that special bond that sisters share even though I doubt I could ever understand it.  I also really liked that Darlington focused once again on the theme of forgiveness.

The book turned out to be more mystery and suspense than I expected it to be but it made for a great read. I couldn't turn pages fast enough to find out who was behind the bad things happening and was pleasantly surprised when I was wrong about who it was! I was hoping for a different ending but understood the point behind why Darlington ended it the way she did.

One thing that I found lacking in this book was a salvation story. Since it existed in book three I was really hoping it would again in book four but maybe there will be a fifth book for some of these characters to become Christians in.

I will admit that at first I struggled to get into the story because it kept jumping from past to present. It was perfect for giving me background information but slowed me down in the beginning. I was thankful when the story switched to all present day.

Overall this was a great read even if it turned out different than I was expecting. I do hope to find more books in this series so I can get some closure on the lives of the new characters introduced in this book. But even if there aren't more books in this series Darlington is still an author to watch!

The author and publisher provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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