December 19, 2015

Until the Dawn

Until the Dawn
by Elizabeth Camden

I've read and reviewed four other of Camden's books and really enjoyed them but this one didn't quite fill me with the same level of enjoyment. I still loved the historical value of the book and the unique setting of Sophie running her own weather station but the interpersonal relationships lacked in my opinion.

Until the Dawn-Elizabeth Camden

I love how Camden always gives her female characters unique and forward-thinking "jobs" in a time when men had the upper hand in any profession. So Sophie running - even as a volunteer - her own weather station was very interesting. I especially love how her love of science was passed on to little Pieter as she taught him to read the devices on the roof. She may not have had a college education but she was a teacher/scientist in a sense anyway.

This story had a hint of supernatural elements in it that I never care for in a story. The idea that the house was cursed and that the family was cursed was a little too much for me. I wouldn't have minded if it had been mentioned once but it was the overarching premise of the whole story and got to be a little too much.

I realize this wasn't marketed as a romance but I would have enjoyed a little more romance between Sophie and Quentin to make their growing friendship seem a little more realistic. It seemed to me that they went from practically enemies to kissing with no progression in feelings.

Overall it was a good story line and I enjoyed quite a few of the characters but was just hoping for a little more to keep me truly engaged throughout the book.

Bethany House provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.