November 25, 2015

The Wedding Chapel

The Wedding Chapel
by Rachel Hauck

I read all of the Royal Wedding series by Hauck and loved them so I was really excited to read another "wedding" book by Hauck.

Unfortunately this book almost lost me with the first chapter. I really had to force myself to keep reading. In the end the story was good I just don't usually keep reading books that take me a third of the book to get into.

I also don't usually read books that jump around as much as this one did. I find it very hard to concentrate on books that jump back and forth between two different time periods and two different people's points of view let alone a book like this one that told the story from four different character's perspectives in two different times.

The charming story of why the chapel was built was a great read though. I did appreciate that in the end the chapel brought love back into people's lives. I also liked how it brought forth honesty in relationships. I always like books where struggling relationships work out so that was another great quality of this book.

All in all this book was good, but not a new favorite of mine.

I received a digital copy of this book through the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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