November 19, 2015

2nd and 3rd Hello Fresh meals

I decided to combine my reviews of my 2nd and 3rd meals. If you are interested in trying Hello Fresh you can use this code: 99482G to get $40 off your first box!

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwiches.

I learned a few things with this meal.

  1. I prefer my coleslaw to have more green than red cabbage.
  2. I tried shallots for the first time. And I couldn't tell a difference from onion?
  3. Pumpernickel bread isn't my favorite.
  4. Coating chicken breast with mayo before dredging makes it yummy and moist...but flour alone isn't that great. I think I'd still prefer breadcrumbs.
I still love that everything is all neatly boxed and ready to go.
this box wasn't missing any ingredients. But I didn't use the cayenne pepper because I don't do spicy.

Finished product.

Teriyaki Glazed Meatballs 

This came with 10 oz. of ground beef.
This box included all of the ingredients too! The soy sauce came in cute little containers! But the carrots were kind of puny. They were hard to peel because they were so thin. And in my opinion there wasn't enough Panko for 10 oz of meatballs. I guess I like my meatballs with a little more breading in them.

Finished product. The rice was really good. I cheated and made it in my rice cooker because it is by far my favorite kitchen wedding present! The cole slaw would have been better if they had included some green cabbage.

 My review of the Teriyaki-Glazed meatballs:

Meatballs are for spaghetti. I did NOT like this Asian inspired theme. And I wasn't impressed with the meatball recipe either - especially the cook time they listed. It takes a lot longer than 13-15 minutes to bake meatballs. I have a recipe I love for those and I'll continue to make those. I also tend to make those in huge batches and then freeze them to pull out when we don't want to cook much and just throw pasta and Ragu together.

The Teriyaki glaze was okay. Eric tried it and agreed that it would be better over chicken. But he only had one bite. After I ate my plate I decided it was too sweet. I would make it again but I would only use half of the honey it called for I think.

Overall thoughts:

For the discounted price of $29 IF I had liked all three meals it would have been a great deal. Since I really only liked one meal I'm not sure it was totally worth it. However, I would make the first meal again on my own and I would make the teriyaki glaze in a modified format again so it wasn't a complete loss. I might try a box again after the holidays. Or I might try one of the other companies out there to see how they compare.

Hope you enjoyed these reviews.

This review is NOT endorsed by Hello Fresh. I chose to write this review all on my own and purchased the discounted box myself.

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