October 10, 2015

Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice
by Mary Connealy

This was the third book about the Wilde sisters and either it is my favorite because I loved the story or simply because it is the most recent one I read but either way I loved it! Each sister's story has been quite unique and this one was no exception.

I really enjoyed getting to know another side of Gage Coulter. Before reading Fire & Ice I honestly couldn't stand the guy. He seemed like a real jerk. But getting to know him in this book he turns out to be a quite swoon-worthy hero. And as with all the Wilde sisters Bailey is wonderfully independent, brave, and strong.

Sometimes Connealy's books make me laugh a lot but this one had a touch of a serious undertone with Bailey's past that actually made for a really good story line that had a few laughs but overall was a deeper read. I loved the spiritual conversations especially between Gage and Bailey about forgiveness.

One of the biggest reasons I love Connealy's books is how easy they are to read. I get caught up in the storyline in each of her books within pages and find myself so engrossed that before I know it the book is over! I also love her ability to write romantic fiction that is so believable. Especially in this story I appreciated that the characters had to work for their happily ever after and that their marriage wasn't just an easy thing from the moment they said "I do".

I also love her skill with weaving conflict into each story. Especially when she leaves us guessing as to who the bad guy is in Fire & Ice because it made the book a real page turner. I wasn't super surprised when I realized who it was but I did really enjoy the journey to discovery.

I can't wait to read whatever Connealy comes up with next!

Bethany House provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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