October 10, 2015

Baby bibles and devotions

Created by Stephen Elkins

I don't have kids yet but have spent enough time baby sitting and volunteering at the children's homes in Bolivia that I cannot help but check out possible books for kids.

"Snuggle Time Devotions that end with a Hug" and "I Want to be Just Like Jesus" are super cute options for you and your kids to read together!

"Snuggle Time Devotions" is meant for ages 3-6 but you could probably get a 2 year old to sit through these short readings. Each of the 52 devotions has a short Bible story, a takeaway, a Bible activity, and hug time. Oh and they also each have really great illustrations too. If you are struggling to make time to read to your kids at night AND pray with them this book would be excellent at combining the two and giving your kids the spiritual habits they need.

"I want to be Just Like Jesus" is meant for ages 4-7 and is definitely best for the school aged child. The readings are much longer and focus on specific attributes of Jesus such as Jesus was Forgiving, Jesus was Devoted... Each reading shares a characteristic of Jesus, a verse, a short Bible story adaptation, "Jesus in me", and a prayer. These readings would be especially good for sparking conversations with your child about being Christ-like.

both books were provided to me by the publisher, Tyndale Kids, in exchange for my honest review.

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