September 20, 2015

Last Chance Hero

Last Chance Hero
by Cathleen Armstrong

First I want to preface this book by saying that I had no idea this was book four in the series until I got the book. So overall I was impressed with the ability to read the book and not feel lost. In my opinion it worked as a stand alone novel.

Second I would like to add that I do not have a lot of experience with small towns. I did live in small town for my first year out of college - and I hated it. Everyone knew everyone's business. So that part of this story definitely made sense! But for some crazy reason even though I am truly a city girl I do love reading novels set in small towns. And I also love football so I was looking forward to this story line. Unfortunately I was really disappointed by the role football played in the story. I felt too much pressure was placed on the new girl in town to automatically love football - but I also felt like she could have given the sport a chance sooner!

I did enjoy the importance of red and green chile in the story! I'm glad that eventually Jess gave the chile a chance :)

But overall I just didn't fall in love with this story. The football angle was played up so much with no real development. And while both Jess and Andy were in new careers neither one of them truly showed any career development. And the moment when I thought there was going to be a major breakthrough with one of Jess's patients the entire part of the story surrounding her just fell flat and we never got any resolution to the perceived problem!

In the end I realize it was still the "happily ever after" that most Christian Fiction readers are looking for - but for me the book still should have been at least slightly realistic and could have had a less abrupt ending. I'm not saying I wouldn't give another Armstrong book a chance but I am saying that I won't be re-reading this one.

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.