May 21, 2015

As Love Blooms

As Love Blooms
Lorna Seilstad

I have read quite a few of Seilstad's books and do enjoy her ability to weave unique stories into historical settings. I also love the degree to which she researches her settings for her stories. The amount of time she spent researching gardening was evident and appreciated.

But this wasn't my favorite book by Seilstad. I found myself easily distracted as I was reading this book and had trouble getting to the end. I liked Tessa and Reese but I just didn't get emotionally connected with them.

I also found that I've grown bored with the theme of women's suffrage in her books. While I am interested in history and find the women's suffrage movement fascinating I've just read about it too much in her books. I'm ready for a new theme.

Another part of this book that was unsettling for me was all of the secrecy. It came at me from almost every angle and was overwhelming. I felt like every single character had a secret and most of the secrets were among family and shouldn't have ever been secrets.

I received a complementary ebook from Revell in exchange for my honest review

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