April 22, 2015

Every Bride Needs a Groom

Every Bride Needs a Groom
by Janice Thompson

I've read quite a few of Thompson's past wedding planning novels so I wasn't surprised to see her writing a new series. This new series wasn't quite good enough to replace "Weddings By Bella" as a favorite series but it was a cute story.

Katie is almost as opposite of myself as a girl could get. I barely planned my own wedding after I got engaged and Katie had hers planned before she even had a ring! But to each their own. She had great taste in everything she wanted...except for the groom!

Brady is in a time of transition. In my opinion not a very realistic transition for him but I loved that he was bending over backward to help out his mother.

I keep on reading novels set in small towns and I think these novels do well especially for us that live in big cities because it gives us a chance to escape to a small town for a few hundred pages but still be 1 mile from a CVS that is open 24/7 :) These small towns have charm but I like my city life.

The only aspect of this book that I really just couldn't get into was how deceitful everyone was. I know it was the story line but it drug on for so long that it really started to bother me. I also didn't care for how neatly things wrapped up for the characters. Even the secondary characters had such an easy time with their relationships. I would love to see the characters have to work a little harder to earn their happily ever afters.

Overall though this was a cute, fun read that would be perfect to take along to the beach or on vacation.

This book was provided to me by Revell in exchange for my honest review