March 3, 2015

Dancing with Fireflies

Dancing with Fireflies
by Denise Hunter

First things first! 5 Stars! Really amazing book that I know I'll read again. Maybe not today or tomorrow since I'll be too busy reading book 3 but it is definitely a keeper!

I liked book 1 - Beckett and Maddison's story was great - but book 2 just was AMAZING!

Usually when I read a book I really find myself attached to the main female character but in this book it was the main MALE character. Hunter portrayed Daniel so well in this book. From the unrequited love to the intense passion to the "always by her side" attitude. I really enjoyed getting to know him and felt she conveyed his emotions to the readers in a way that authors don't usually manage to do with male characters (at least in my opinion!)

I loved Jade too...but Daniel was absolutely my favorite character in this book!

Have to tell you that some of my favorite parts in this book were the texting conversations the two had! My husband and I texted and emailed A LOT when we were dating long distance and it brought back so many happy memories to read Jade and Daniel's texts.  My favorite was "Is there an eye-rolling emoticon?" because I myself used to say similar things!!!

I have many other favorite parts but I don't want to give anything away! But let's just say this is NOT your typical cheesy Christian romance novel that says "and they kissed". Nope! It is a vivid, edgy, make you weak-in-the-knees-fall-in-love novel! The intimate scenes are clean but not at all boring! If you've been bored by the love stories in Christian romance books in the past you need to give Denise Hunter's books a read!

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