March 31, 2015

Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets
by Irene Hannon

4 Stars

I've always had a deep appreciation for Hannon's writing so I was excited she had a new series out! Unfortunately it took Hannon herself on her Facebook page pointing it out to her readers, but this book's cover is amazing. It is textured and very unique. However, the words inside were what captured me and kept me captured through all 364 pages!

Hannon is especially skilled at manipulating her words and descriptions just right to get you hooked on the story. I didn't think much about the prologue until later in the story when I figured out who the voice in the prologue was and I was amazed! She also paces her writing just right so that the book moves at a quick enough pace to keep you intrigued and turning the pages. I never once got bored but also never felt rushed even with the ending.

I loved these characters! Lisa is so strong and independent and Mac is a little on the stubborn side but also very protective. But I especially enjoyed meeting Mac's brothers and suspect this isn't the last we'll see of them. When the three boys were together it was so fun to enjoy their interactions especially as they picked on each other. Definitely a special sibling group.

Hannon writes a great suspense but is perfectly skilled at intertwining romance into it. I especially appreciated how she managed to pace the romance evenly with the police work. It was fun to watch the romance build throughout the story. I'll admit that there were parts of the suspense that I figured out ahead of time - but not every detail and I don't mind a predictable love story as long as there are enough sparks and there were plenty of those!

This book does deal with crime scenes and murder but nothing graphic is mentioned so most readers won't take issue especially if this is their genre of choice. Also, non-Christians shouldn't be bothered by any parts of this book since spirituality wasn't mentioned much more than passing mentions of prayer. Honestly though that was my least favorite part of the story - the lack of spiritual content.

Hannon's plot for this book was a nice change of pace to typical murder mystery stories. I enjoyed the build up to figuring out the initial crime along with the crimes that happened later in the book. She picked an excellent background story to lead to more events in the current day.

Overall this was an excellent book. Readers of Dee Henderson will appreciate Hannon's writing especially since she endorsed this book! I must admit I was glad to get to read it on an afternoon off or I would have missed sleep to get to the end!

Revell provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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