February 18, 2015

A Brush With Love

A Brush With Love
by Rachel Hauck

So I don't normally read novellas because they just aren't long enough to suit me... but they are a great way to decide if you like an author! This was my first read from Hauck and I read three more of her books after reading it! Her "The Royal Family Wedding Series" is amazing and book three "How to Catch a Prince" comes out Feb. 24!

So my review of this was originally posted on The Christian Manifesto so check that out but here are a few snipets:

"a cute story with a great blend of great characters, love, and spirituality."

"it was a joy to follow Ginger as she overcame the emotional pain she felt over having scars through both God’s help and through the love of Tom."

 "I did love how throughout the book it kept going back to a relationship with God covering a multitude of sins."

Go check out Rachel's page! Also check out this special offer!

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