August 3, 2014

Bridge to Haven

Bridge to Haven
by Francine Rivers

I'll admit that Francine Rivers' books have never really been my favorites. For some reason they just don't really speak to me but this new one caught my eye and I though I'd give it a try.

Normally I love books based on how long they are. I normally think that books this long are the best thing ever and with this one it just kind of drug on and on.

I felt like the premise of the story was a good idea but I think the part that was hardest for me was the relationship between Abra, the main character, and her older "adoptive" brother from her first family. In all honesty the relationship seemed really inappropriate at times. I also struggled with some of the other family dynamics in this book.

It was a good story of Abra finding her way in the world and learning about second chances, forgiveness, and fresh starts but it wasn't my new favorite book.

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