July 23, 2014

The Waiting

The Waiting

This story is quite amazing. I do love stories about adoption and I also love real-life stories of reunions. Minka loved her daughter more than you can imagine but due to unfortunate experiences in her life she was pretty much forced to place her for adoption. From giving her up in 1929 to 1906 when she was reunited with her Minka never stopped loving her daughter. In fact during the first 18 years of her life she kept writing her letters that were placed into a file with the government.

I really loved the true devotion that Minka felt toward her daughter even though she was unable to raise her. And I truly felt bad for her that something so awful happened to her with such a heartbreaking ending. But I'm glad that Ruth's adoptive parents took such good care her!

If you like true life stories and love reunions I'm sure you'll love this amazing story

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Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

I think I want to read this one!!

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