July 6, 2014

The Auschwitz Escape

  The Auschwitz Escape

by Joel Rosenberg 

Of all genre's of books the WWII era literature is probably my most widely read. I've read countless books set during this time. Some have been non-fiction, some biographies, and many like this book are complete fiction with historical scenes and information thrown in.

The conviction that Rosenberg wrote this book with is enough to keep you reading from page to page. You can tell that the story line and thought behind it were quite important to him.

It only took me two days to finish this book because it was so good I just couldn't put it down. I lost sleep reading it and then I lost sleep thinking about the horrors from this time period. That any group of people could be so strongly persecuted is so disheartening. I would say that if you have a weak stomach you probably shouldn't read this book but if you are at all interested in historical fiction set during the Holocaust then I can pretty much guarantee this book is for you.

There were so many wonderful characters in this book. From the protestant pastor helping Jews, to the Resistance men trying to help their fellow Jews, to the young men in the camps plotting to escape.

Jacob is clearly the main character. As a young man his Uncle recruits him to help with the resistance and he ends up trapped in a train car when he attempts to help Jews escape. Thus he ends up in Auschwitz. That should be the end for him, after all not many survived but if you read the story you'll find out how the book got the title and you'll meet the amazing people in his life.

Rosenberg is such a great author. I really appreciated the detail he wrote with but also how he was able to weave so many characters into one story without making it hard to follow. I appreciated the human element he included as he told the horrors of the Nazi reign.

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