July 24, 2014

Life Support

Life Support
by Candace Calvert

I've now read all 6 of Calvert's books and I really love them. This book is part of the Grace Medical series but she also wrote a series called Mercy Hospital. I have to admit that I liked the Mercy Hospital books just a little bit better but really I've loved all of them.

I've always loved the TV show Grey's Anatomy. I know I probably shouldn't since it isn't the cleanest show out there but I'm a sucker for the medical dramas.

Thankfully Calvert's books give me the same wonderful medical drama fix without all of the inappropriate drama and sex! She does a great job of writing intriguing stories with great love stories and plenty of life saving without wasting any of our time with inappropriate relationships and so much sex.

I really liked this book because it also brought a little bit of controversy to the table with the title of Life Support. The main male character's brother has a traumatic brain injury and often has trouble breathing due to asthma complications. Unfortunately that makes some people think that he might be better off if they didn't continue to intervene to prolong his life. Thankfully his brother always stands up for him and they find him a good home to live in where the nurses even help him use an iPad to text!

I really think that if you like medical dramas on TV that you'll love all of Calvert's books!

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