July 31, 2014

Christiansen Family series

by Susan May Warren

I just finished reading the first three books in this series. Usually I find I like each book in the series more and more but this time I found I liked book one the best, then book two and didn't LOVE book three.

I know I was drawn to book one because it put so much emphasis on the young boy that Dare is fathering alone since the passing of his wife in a horrible accident. I always love any books that put children first. I also loved how well Ivy connected with "Tiger" which by the way is a way better name than "Theo" :)

Book two just wasn't as interesting to me and didn't draw me in quite as much. But it was still good.
I really enjoyed Eden and Jace's story! I'm always drawn to characters that do Newspaper or writing of any sort since I did newspaper and yearbook in both high school and college. I'm not sure I could ever write Obits like Eden does but I love how much effort she puts into her work and I also loved how she kept a side journal with more details and stories than she was allowed to put in the Obits.

I've never been a huge hockey fan though so that part of the story took me a little more effort to get involved in. However, the more I read about Jace the more I liked him. He wasn't perfect by any means and he spent a lot of time second guessing Eden but I suppose she did the same thing to him!

I really enjoyed how Eden and Jace continually worked together to help the John Doe in the hopsital and how they both were endless cheerleaders and good friends to Sam and his daughter and also to Owen.

I'm always amazed at the family dynamics when there are so many kids as the Christensen clan has! I'm glad she decided to write about a big family! 
Book three was a cute story and I did enjoy the background of the book being in Hawaii and centering around a cooking show that Max and Grace entered as a competition. But I really didn't enjoy the story line as much as the first two books. I think what made it hard for me to enjoy book three was how it seemed to focus too much on other characters and didn't do enough focusing and developing of Max and Grace's story. I think the author could have really pulled me in if she had spent more time letting me enjoy the great chemistry between Max and Grace!

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series though!

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