June 26, 2014

Visible Threat

Visible Threat
by Janice Cantore

I liked Visible Threat even more than Critical Pursuit. While they were both good I was sucked in more by the story line of Visible Threat. I had a professor in college that talked a lot about social injustice and problems like human trafficking so this book really resonated with me.

I loved reading more about Brinna and Jack too and I hope that Cantore writes at least one more book about them! In the first book Brinna was just starting to come around to the idea of a relationship with Jesus Christ and in this book she is still struggling with how a loving God can allow bad things to happen - especially to children and "good people" like her own mother.

Another reason I loved this book more thank Critical Pursuit was because of how many good questions Brinna is asking of herself, God, Jack, and her mother as she grows into a relationship with Christ. I loved reading and seeing her learn to trust God throughout the book.  I also loved that her and Jack have finally been on a few dates! I knew in the first book that they would end up together but wasn't sure how long it would take!

The story line in this book follows Ivana who was promised a better life in America only to find out she was forced into modern day slavery as a prostitute along with her older sister. Ivana's character is another reason why I'd love to see a book three because I think that she could be developed into a main character in another book. This poor innocent 18 year old has been through so much but thankfully was able to escape the horrible life that originally brought her to the US.

If you like procedural dramas, crime dramas, feel a special pull toward books that encompass social injustice, and like a little romance thrown in then you'll love the latest book from Cantore. With her background as a police officer you'll be amazed at how much insight her writing has into what life is like for an officer. One thing that really struck me about this book was how many decisions they have to make with very little time to think. Often Brinna and Jack and the other officers make decisions in the blink of an eye that can make or break a case or cause a life to be saved or lost. This book will definitely keep you turning pages and wondering what will happen next!

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