May 9, 2014


by Dee Henderson

Dee Henderson is probably my all time favorite author and whenever a new book of hers is out I get so excited! Undetected was just as brilliant as all of her other books but it was also new and exciting with a whole new background: submarines!

I love it when an author continues in their writing style that us readers have come to love but also continues to find ways to write intriguing stories without writing the same old story over and over. Henderson never disappoints.

You can certainly read Undetected as a stand alone novel but I would suggest reading Unspoken first. You can read my review of that one HERE.

Undetected is an amazing story of a woman, Gina, who fairly effortlessly keeps coming up with ways to help the Navy keep their submariners safer...mostly because that is what her brother does and she wants to keep him safe. She is brilliant but also a workaholic. She knows the research and development she works on will save lives so she has a hard time taking a break.

Meanwhile her brother's best friend, Mark, is also a submariner and just happens to be the first person Gina tells about her latest research. He agrees to help her get subs underwater to help her test her theories before he leaves for his next submerged patrol.

Just like all other Dee Henderson books you don't really wonder who will end up with who but she sure does keep you guessing as to the when and how of the relationship. This book kept you guessing in that area more than some of her others and I loved it. I am also thrilled that yet again she seamlessly included strong personal relationships with Christ in her characters. She also always includes a lot of prayer times for her characters. You cannot read this book without knowing that Dee desires all people to grow closer to God and also strengthen their prayer lives.

This book is perfect for you if you enjoy romance, suspense, or military fiction.

This book was provided to me by the publisher, Bethany House, in exchange for my honest review.