June 12, 2014

The Fight

The Fight 
by Luke Wordley 

Those of you who know me well know that I do not care for fighting or boxing or really any sort of violence but I read in another reader's review of the book that even though that was the setting for the book that it wasn't the whole story and I decided to give the book a go.

I'm glad I did. Yes, most of the pages of the book do center around boxing and training and fights but there so so much more to the story. At the very heart and soul of the story is the importance of prayer. The trainer's wife has the most amazing prayer life and she never gives up! In fact, toward the end of the book she prayed for two hours straight for her husband and the young man he was training.This book also places a high value on sharing the gospel and being Christ to those in need. Family, perseverance, and commitment are also main themes of the book.

I love reading books where not only does the author tell a good story (which The Fight does!) but also that show readers the importance of prayer and a personal relationship with Jesus. A fiction novel can be such a powerful witness to readers and can be the perfect way to open a reader's eyes into the importance of a relationship with Christ.

I would be curious what other stories Wordley has up his sleeve! I truly didn't expect to love this book as much as I did but I found that it was hard to put down when my lunch break ended!


Luke Wordley said...

Hi Denise, Really glad you enjoyed The Fight! Thanks for taking the time to review it. The next book I'm working on is based in Africa. Again, quite a tough back-drop and story but with a strong, redemptive theme. Hoping it will be out at end of 2015. I'll be posting progress on my website at www.lukewordley.com. Thanks again. God bless, Luke

Denise said...

Looking forward to an Africa theme! Thanks for visiting my blog~!

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