June 7, 2014

Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead
by Karen Witemeyer

I love Karen Witemeyer's writing! Her books are always such a delightful read as they combine romance, humor, history and fun. I also always love her characters. It is always so much fun to get to know them through the pages of the book - especially as they fall in love! I always love her female characters! They are always brave and strong and independent! 

Full Steam Ahead is a great read! Nicole's father is dying and needs his only child to marry so he'll have an heir to pass his shipping business on to. The book follows Nicole in her journey to find such a man. Meanwhile Darius is working hard to recover spiritually and emotionally from a terrible accident on board a steam boat.

Nicole might be my new favorite character! I love how head-strong she is and how intelligent she is too. I especially love when multiple times in the book she finds mistakes MEN have made mathematically - not that she ever rubs it in - I just love how smart she is!

The research Darius is doing throughout the book on the production of steam boat boilers in order to save lives from future explosions is very interesting. I love a man who is so driven to save lives and help others.

I love how Witemeyer always pulls the story around to help at least one of her characters strengthen their relationship with the Lord. I love how Darius is finally able to reconnect spiritually and begin to heal in that aspect but also emotionally. I also love how the book has underlying themes of loyalty and trust.

I truly hope Witemeyer continues to write more and more books because I've loved every single one she's written! The only other one I've reviewed is Short-Straw Bride but they have all been excellent!

This book was provided to me by the publisher, Bethany House, in exchange for my honest review.

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