June 25, 2014

Critical Pursuit

Critical Pursuit
by Janice Cantore

I love reading books when you know the author actually knows what she is talking about. Cantore is a retired police officer so you know she actually understands what she is talking about in her books. For me her books are filled with the perfect blend of action, suspense, and drama to keep me turning the page.

Critical Pursuit follows Brinna who is obsessed with keeping track of registered sex offenders and also uses her scent trained dog, Hero, to find lost/missing/abducted children.  Of course if she hadn't been abducted and rescued by a police officer as a girl she might have never chosen that profession.

I really enjoyed getting to know Brinna in this book. I also enjoyed her unique position as the officer with an air scent trained dog. It was interesting to learn about how that type of dog can find a scent and therefore find a missing child. I'm hoping that in the next book that Brinna learns to trust God because that was really the thing missing in her life in this book. 

If you love police and procedural drama TV then I really think you'll love any book by Cantore.

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