June 10, 2014

Appalachian Serenade: A Novella

Appalachian Serenade
by Sarah Loudin Thomas

First I want to point out that I rarely read novellas because they just aren't long enough to suit me. I like LONG books. The longer the better. I read so fast that I need the book to be long to satisfy me. But when I know that a novella is a prequel to a book series then I'm all for it!

Appalachian Serenade is our preview into the new series by Thomas. The first book is called Miracle in a Dry Season and it is available for pre-order on Amazon even though it doesn't release until August!

Bethany House gave me a heads up that this novella was free for Kindle (check price before you buy but as of right now it is still free!) and I immediately downloaded it and read it today! It was a fast read because it was so well written. The characters had just the right amount of depth and intrigue. It is set in an excellent time period (1945) right after the war is over and the men are returning and the main character is learning to start over again in her hometown after the death of her husband to a heart attack.

I really related to the main character, Delilah because she was married for awhile but never got pregnant. Yet she so strongly desires to have children. This book did an excellent job of depicting the turmoil this situation can bring a person without dwelling on it too much.

Then there is Robert. He was a marvelous male lead character. I've never read a book where the male lead was such a charming "people person" and it was a beautiful change of pace. I love how he runs his store as more of a social affair than a money making business.

This novella also includes a preview to Miracle in a Dry Season but I'll be honest I did NOT read that part of the download. I can't bear to read a chapter and not be able to finish the book so I'll just wait til it is released and then read the whole book. I can tell you that I cannot wait to read more of this author's work. It was an excellent novella and I have no doubt her future books will be just as good!

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Sarah Thomas said...

Denise--what a lovely review! I love that you didn't want to start the full novel since you couldn't finish it. I feel much the same, but finally broke down to read the teaser chapters of Jan Karon's book releasing this fall and it was terrible to have stop with no recourse! I'd love to add you to my influencer list to get a copy of the novel in July--send me your address if you'd like to join in! -Sarah

Denise said...

I sent you a message on Google+ with my address! Please let me know if you don't get it!

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