October 29, 2013

The Governess of Highland Hall

The Governess of Highland Hall
by Carrie Turansky

A novel set during the same time period as the popular television show Downton Abbey! I love reading novels set in other time periods that are so drasticaly different than how we live today. I can't imagine having servants around to do everything! Of course I can't imagine trying to please society people in the big city either!

This is a sweet story of the sacrifice of one young woman. Julia spent 12 years on the mission field with her family in India. Then when her father became ill she willingly took a job as a governess to help support her family. Likewise it is also the story of William, the father of the young children in her charge. He is a widow providing not only for his own to children but also his 2 teenaged nieces. Unfortunately he is deeply pained by the loss of his wife and also the stresses of a recent inheritance of a large home.

The children in this book are adorable. Andrew is your typical little boy who everyone in the home sees as a nuisance because he is so energetic and tends to get into trouble. Thankfully Julia is patient with him and within a short time his behavior is drastically improved. Millie is a sweet, well-behaved little girl. However everyone considers her of such delicate health that they are overprotective of her. Julia gives her the opportunities to get outside and play and walk more and her health starts to improve! In no time Julia is working miracles in these children's lives.

Yes, this is your typical love story between the governess and widowed father. But there is enough character development and household details to entertain you as the story unfolds. I really enjoyed reading along as Julia and William fell in love even if it was typically predictable. And if you enjoy Downton Abbey I really think you would love this book! I know I would look forward to reading another book by Turansky.

This book was provided to me by the publisher, Waterbrook Press, in exchange for my honest review.

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