July 17, 2013

Frame 232

Frame 232
Wil Mara

I recently finished reading Frame 232 by Wil Mara. You can see a video promotion for this book at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WYLFVKtw5Y&feature=youtu.be and I assure you this is an excellent book if you enjoy fiction, conspiracy theories, history, and suspense because this book had it all!

This book is loosely based on the assassination of JFK using the "Babushka Lady" as the inspiration for the mother of the main character in the book. If you view the photos from the streets surrounding the assassination of JFK there is a woman in them that appears to be holding a camera wearing a scarf. This woman was nicknamed the "Babushka Lady" but to this day no one knows who she is nor has anyone seen the footage from the camera she was holding.  Mara uses this woman as inspiration and in his book the woman develops her film and leaves it to her daughter in her will. Of course the film reveals more information into a conspiracy theory as to who killed JFK and the information is just the beginning of a crazy, suspenseful, thrilling chase!

When you read this book you will be constantly trying to keep up with the characters to try to figure out who was behind JFK's untimely death. You will also be wondering how the personal lives of the characters will turn out.  It is a thrilling read full of just the right amount of twists and turns in the plot.

You will fall in love with the main characters in this book and will find yourself rooting for them at every turn.
I loved this book and cannot wait to read another Jason Hammond novel by Wil Mara!

Tyndale provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Here are a few Q and As from an interview with the author:

8.What lessons do you hope readers will come away with after reading Frame 232?
I can’t interpret the story for anyone but myself, but there are a few themes at work that strike me as
particularly valuable. One is that God’s path is always the right one in the end, even if it seems
unimaginably rocky at times. Another is that tragedies occur in every life, that these misfortunes usually
happen for a reason, and that the reason may not be apparent for some time. A third is that we need to
treasure our loved ones for as long as we have them around, because they can disappear in a heartbeat.
Also, it’s important to keep getting out of bed and moving forward every day because life is a gift, and
God does not favor those who waste their time and talents. If you are blessed with ability and resources
(and Jason has plenty of both), you should use them.
9.What do you have planned for your future Jason Hammond books?
Jason will be tackling other high-profile (and, later on, some lesser-known) mysteries as the series
progresses. Readers will also get to follow his ongoing struggles as he rebuilds his faith and gradually
assembles his ‘new normal.’ Plus, we’ll further explore the lives of those around him (including a budding
love interest, who will appear in the second book). It’s also worth noting that not every book in the
series will follow a strictly linear chronology. The one I’m writing now, for example (The Nevada Testament
) begins about six weeks after Frame 232. The one I’ll write after that, however (Gardner Island), occurs
beforethe events ofFrame 232 and will feature, among other things, some of Jason’s
darker and more harrowing moments.
10.What would you like to say to Christian retailers to help them promote Frame 232?
I have tried like mad to strike an ideal balance between solid, suspenseful storytelling and the delivery of
worthwhile Christian messages without being over-the-top preachy. All the books in the series, while
undeniable in their Christian content, are suitable for the mainstream market as well and thus should
find a broad audience. It is also important to note that they were designed not just in regard to what
they offer, but what they don’t offer---readers will not have to deal with inappropriate language,
gratuitous sexual content, brazen violence, or any of the similar nonsense that characterizes so many
other forms of contemporary storytelling. The subject matter might be somewhat advanced in places,
but it can be safely absorbed and enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

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