June 2, 2013

All in Good Time

All in Good time
by Maureen Lang

This was the first book I've ever read by Maureen Lang but I'm already looking forward to reading more of her work!

Cover: All in Good Time

This story centers around two main characters, Dessa and Henry.  Of course they end up together in the end but the story of HOW they end up together is beautiful.  A wonderful story of grace, forgiveness, redemption, and compromise.  I think I probably loved the compromise part of the story the most.  Both characters had dreams, ideas, and plans for their own lives but in the books epilogue you get to see two years into their future exactly how they kept their individual dreams alive while pursuing new dreams together!

If you feel like you've lived a life with too many mistakes and shortcomings in your past for God to forgive let alone a new friend or possible new love then this book and it's characters will truly resonate with you.  Both Dessa and Henry have things in their past that they have to confess to each other but God is gracious to them in spite of their pasts and extends that grace to help them learn to love and forgive one another too!

This was the first Christian fiction novel I have read where the main female character worked specifically to help women drawn into the pit of prostitution. I love how Dessa's main goal in life is to help women get out of that lifestyle or never get sucked into it to begin with.  Her heart for these young women is truly impressive.

I also loved Henry's story.  He had fallen away from God and through Dessa found his way back to church and back into God's loving arms.  Through his spiritual transformation you see him grow into a very generous man who serves those around him.

An excellent read that I highly recommend!

I read this book on my Kindle thanks to the great posts about free and inexpensive Christian Fiction books on ereadergirl.com.

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