April 1, 2013


Abducted: Pacific Coast Justice Bk 2
Janice Cantore

I think I may have found a new favorite author! Book 2 was just as good as Book 1. You can read my review of book 1 here.

Cantore writes with such attention to detail that it is evident she knows what she is talking about. And after 22 years as a police officer she certainly does!

You can't help but love the main character Carly.  She is independent, strong-willed, stubborn, loves fiercely, and never gives up! The relationship between Carly and her patrol partner, Joe, is amazing. No one could ever hope to have that great of a co-worker.

I know some other readers had trouble keeping up with the various story lines within the story but I loved how Cantore weaved many different ideas all into one story.  It kept me paying better attention to what was going on and honestly made the story seem more life-like since I know in my own life there are always a zillion things going on.

Some of my favorite parts of the story are Carly's amazing swimming abilities and her relationship with her ex-husband as it unfolds into a brand new relationship this time as God ordains it to happen! 

If you love the crime drama television shows you'll love Cantore's Pacific Coast Justice series! You feel like you are on scene in a television show or a movie!

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