March 10, 2013

Shattered by Dani Pettrey

Shattered by Dani Petterey

Shattered is book 2 in the Alaskan Courage series. I read book 1, Submerged, and reviewed it back in July and you can read that review here.

Shattered (Alaskan Courage)

Shattered was every bit as good as Submerged was.   Just like in Submerged the characters were real life people who had real life problems with things that most Christians do not like to admit they deal with such as drinking and poor decision making in relationships.

Shattered was full of mystery and suspense as the main characters search for a killer and for the truth in order to protect one of their own in their small town in Alaska.  It is touching how the entire town pulled together to protect Reef when he was wrongly arrested for murder.  His siblings and friends traveled all over Alaska and even into Canada to follow leads to find the real murderer.

Adventure is never lacking in this series.  Neither is love.  You will find yourself waiting to find out how relationships will turn out just as much as you wait to find out who the real killer is.

Bethany House provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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