November 6, 2012

My Birthday Present!

I always try to take my birthday and anniversary off work.  I figure those are my two personal holidays each year when I should be allowed to stay home and do whatever I want.

This year my wonderful husband, Eric, surprised me and took my birthday off too!  We got to sleep in, go to lunch together, run errands together, and then Eric made me the best birthday present EVER!

We just moved into a duplex (yay for no more apartment complex living!) and it has terrible kitchen storage so my husband made me a canned goods storage thing I found on Pinterest!

It took him about 3 hours start to finish and it is a magnificent addition to our kitchen!

I love you Eric!


Anonymous said...

I saw this idea on classy clutter. I am worried about the stability of it as well as the ability for the casters to spin and not jam against each other. Have you noticed it being unstable when you try to move it?

Allen said...

We have space for the 1X6 shelves but very concerned about stability. Do you think it would stand on its own in the open space next to the fridge?

Denise said...

Yes Allen I really do think you will be fine! My husband placed two fixed casters at each end side by side and it is VERY stable. It might lean ever so slightly but not enough to be concerned about!

Even my husband was shocked at how stable it is!

Denise said...

Hi! Actually it is very stable! My husband used fixed casters so they don't spin/jam. He put two side by side at the front and back for a total of four. We both were actually very surprised by how stable it is and by how easily it slides in and out! Let me know if you have any other questions/concerns!

Joyce Sobrino said...

Happy Ahhh Belated Birthday!!! I LOVE your hubbys modifications. I saw this a while back on ClassyClutter & bookmarked it. Like many we are tight on space. BUT before I tackle one for my kitchen, I'm going to make a shorter wider one or maybe 2 for my "NEW" Art Studio. My son is now 18 & no longer needs a playroom so it's mine all mine (evil grin). I'll be needing storage, but Thoughtful storage & this is 1 that popped in my head last night. SO glad I've spent time reading all the posts. Yours stuck out, I NEVER leave comments but I just had to let you know it's GREAT to see someone take an "IDEA" & make it into something that works for them, oh & has a super cool hubby to * Measure * & build it for you. so after 2 years hows it holding up?

Denise said...

It's holding up GREAT! We moved recently and it survived the move without any trouble at all. Now I don't have room to slide it in next to my fridge so I just have it against the wall in our dining room. It is still my favorite piece of furniture :) Thanks for commenting!

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