November 28, 2012

A Home In Drayton Valley by Kim Vogel Sawyer

A Home In Drayton Valley by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Home in Drayton Valley, A

This honestly is just another typical Romantic Christian Fiction book.  There were two aspects that I really liked though.  It was during the time when prohibition started and the main male character actually voted for prohibition because he saw how dangerous drinking had become in his own life.  I had a lot of respect for him in that aspect.  Another part I really liked was how the book showed relationships between African Americans and Caucasians that were healthy friendships. Even though it was a time very shortly after slavery Tarsie befriends a fellow mom and even teaches her to read.

This is the story of two female friends that wanted to get out of NYC and move to Drayton Valley in Kansas where they could live with unpolluted air.  One girl, Tarsie is single and the other girl, Mary has a husband and two kids.  The five of them travel together to find a new life in a clean unpolluted city.  When Mary passes away from what they suspected was cancer Tarsie takes care of her family and of course it all ends happily ever after for Mary's widower, Joss and Tarsie.

Bethany House provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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