August 4, 2009

Parque Mariscal

So lately our internet has been a little I´m just now at an internet cafe to post about what I did last Friday...with pictures from my flash drive... though if no one comments on my blog I might stop updating it...

Last Friday Tía Ade and I took the 5 oldest kids (ages 3-5) to a park not too far from our house. It was especially cool because not only did the kids get to leave the house (a real treat) but they got 2 Tías all to themselves for a couple of hours, got to ride on a ¨micro¨(a bus), got to eat cookies, drink juice, feed fish, and hang out at a cool park. Seriously, I think it was probably one of the best days from my whole winter (remember I´m in the southern hemisphere) so far!
This is the entrance to the fish part of the park. You walk in through the mouth of this long iguana looking thing.
See the red part? that is the inside of the ¨iguana looking¨thing we walked through to see fish.
Here are the kids inside looking at fish with Tía Ade.

By far the coolest part! The kids got to feed fish...big fish. It was really neat because the fish come right up to the water and are close enough to touch and open up their mouths really wide! The kids loved it. Total I think we bought five little bags of fish food so they could feed them! (all 5 for less than 75 cents!!!!)

Then Saturday I spent the afternoon with my friends from church. Carla and I made cookies while Edgar and the girls did their homework. Then the girls helped roll the balls in cinnamon and sugar to make the snickerdoodle cookies. Then we ate and headed to church for worship team practice. Yes, you read right. I practiced with them and sang on Sunday morning and Sunday night... Thankfully they only sang songs I knew or at least kind of knew.

Then Sunday night I was in the mood to take kids to church with me so Molly went with me and we took the two new twins, Angel and Pedro. Everyone LOVED them. In fact, we didn´t even hold them at all during church and they were so well behaved with everyone that held them! I think next week Jen and I are taking Erick and Ericka (now that will be an adventure since you never know what they´ll be like!)

More updates to come assuming we have reliable internet again soon. Each day is an adventure here...but for now I´m getting out of the internet cafe full of teenage boys playing online games!