July 22, 2009

Where to begin...with pictures!

I know it´s been awhile since I´ve posted but life has been busy here in Cochabamba (as if life is ever dull when you live and work at a baby home with 21 babies!).

Shortly after my last post or maybe the same day (days run together here) a wonderful family from Tyler, Texas came to help us out and to visit the homes. The mom and oldest son have been here twice before, but it was the first time for the dad and the two youngest boys to come. They all of course fell in love with the kids. And when they weren´t playing with our kids they were painting our new volunteer room, laying ceramic tile in the volunteer room, shopping for materials in La Cancha, sewing curtains, and many other projects. We kept them quite busy. Pictures of the new volunteer room are soon to come (Tío David just hung the curtains today...)

So basically I´m going to blog what I would have blogged during their time here if I´d had the time and energy to...

Entry 1: Parque Pairumani

This was my first time to Parque Pairumani and I loved it. Basically you ¨hike¨up a path to a waterfall. Now, I´ll be honest...it wasn´t as cool as the waterfall I hiked to in Costa Rica but it was still really nice. The views of the mountains were beautiful and it was good exercise too!

Entry 2: Hospitals of Hope

By the way, for those of you who don´t know, HOH is a Wichita, KS based group :)

After Parque Pairumani we stopped by Hospitals of Hope because we were so close (by the way it´s WAY out in the boonies from Cochabamba...) Unfortunately the volunteers weren´t there but the workers showed us around the hospital. This was especially cool becuase the dad of the family visiting us was a heart surgeon. I know this picture isn´t that great...but oh well...

Entry 3: (beware - this one is RANDOM!) Pottytraining!

Here pottytraining is a little different than in the states. I so wish my photos were embedding correctly...PLEASE click on this link to see boy twin E pottytraining. They put the kids on these potties 2-3 times a day and make them sit there for a good 20 minutes. They eventually get the idea...but they HATE it!
Entry 4: Cala Cala Nazarene Church in Cochabamba

So here in Cocha I go to a wonderful little Nazarene church where I feel quite at home and everyone knows me. They also all know that I work at a baby home and are constantly asking how my babies are :) Anyway, recently they celebrated their 35th birthday as a church! Very exciting for them...

Here are some pictures. The first one is Carla, Eunice, and Luciana singing.

The second is a very blurry picture of the Pastor and his wife opening ¨birthday presents.¨

Entry 5: The twins - the new ones - the boys

They are doing GREAT! Their nasty upper resperatory infections are all better and they are doing wonderfully here. They still get VERY excited whenever they see me or Molly since we were the first to take care of them, but they love everyone and are always happy...

So now we´re up to present day...which is a whole other post which we´ll save for later...

But for now, you can check out my pictures. I have around 500 uploaded now into 2 different Picasa web albums. Some have captions and some don´t. Feel free to leave comments...



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