July 26, 2009

La Iglesia

So I just have to share with you all that I LOVE my church here. It is the Cala Cala Church of the Nazarene (the same church I went to last ¨summer¨while I was in Cochabamba).

Why do I love my church here so much?

  • there are the obvious reasons - it is all in SPANISH and is in BOLIVIA :)
  • the worship group is really, really wonderful.
  • the worship time is AMAZING - we sing really great songs - some that I already know and some that are new to me
  • these past few sermons have been especially good (topics: sin, spending time with God)
  • the people at the church know me and treat me as one of their own even when I´m only there 3 months out of the year
  • there are three women (a mother and her two daughters) that walk me to where I can catch my ¨trufi¨(a collective taxi in the form of a 15 passenger van that can actually ¨seat¨ 22+ people) and then wait with me until it comes - I don´t think they realize how far I have to walk once I get to the other end of the line :)