July 1, 2009

A day as a ¨Tía¨

Today I worked the shift of a Tía here at Casa de Amor. Of course I am always glad to help out any way I can, but wow, working an 11 hour shift with 19 babies is a lot of work!

A rundown of a ¨normal¨day here... (8a.m. to 8 p.m.) (The tías work 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. every other day and basically every 4th day two of them take turns spending the night so there are 4 here during the day and 2 each night)

8 - feed kids breakfast
9-10:30 - classes on shapes/coloring/colors/pronunciation/singing etc...
10:30 - snack (usually fruit)
10:45-12:30 - free play time out in the yard (naps for the little ones)
12:30 - lunch (the largest meal of the day in Bolivia)
1:30 - 4 - getting kids put down for naps then naps
4 or 4:30 - dinner
6 - 7:30 - free play time upstairs
7:30 - get kids ready for bed
8 - bedtime

However, today was full of surprises! For example a meeting with some local med students. Then a surprise inspection from Child Welfare!

And of course the schedule doesn´t mention all the cloth diaper changes, cloth diaper washing (by hand), about 5 loads of laundry (clothing and diapers), drying all the clothes on the line, folding the clothes, feeding kids (we have 4 who have to be fed, 2 that need some help, and the rest just need supervision), and of course it doesn´t mention all the times we put kids in time-out for not obeying or for doing something mean to one of their ¨brothers or sisters¨!

But it also doesn´t mention all the hugs and kisses! All the ¨I love you tías!¨ All the smiles!

And truly the best part so far this year, my twins are walking!!!!! In fact, HE is walking better than she is! And they´re practicing climbing the stairs holding my hand and the railing! And they´re getting better at feeding themselves! And best of all...they´re always willing to give hugs and kisses! (The kisses are ALWAYS open mouth...and with HIM they usually involve him sticking his tongue out too!) My twins when they first arrived...

My twins just a few days ago!

Of course tomorrow there might be a new BEST part....stay tuned...if I´m not too exhausted I´ll let you know what I´m excited about tomorrow for!

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