June 23, 2009

Time flies...

Time flies when you´re having fun (or when you´re too busy to even know what day of the week it is!)

Sunday was wonderful! Sunday morning I went to the same church I attended all last summer. It is a small Nazarene church and the people are wonderful. In fact, when I walked in it was like I´d never left. And several people asked me about how my babies are doing. My favorite part about this church is the worship music. It is absolutely wonderful. In fact, the first song we sang Sunday morning was one of my favorites. It is called ¨Todopoderoso¨and the guitar player is so amazing he sounded just like the CD I have with the song on it! So cool!

Speaking of worship music...apparently Jennifer has a bass guitar and I´m going to teach myself to play this summer. :)

Then Sunday morning after church I ate lunch with the pastor´s family which includes the pastor and his wife, 3 of their kids, their daughter in law, and their 2 grand kids. I knew all but one of them from last year so it was a nice time to reconnect.

Then Sunday afternoon two other volunteers and I ran around town. We walked quite aways and it was nice to get some exercise. Then I took our 6 month old (our youngest baby) to church with me and EVERYONE was in love with him - especially the young men at church. It was so funny! But he is quite adorable.


I forgot to write about Saturday. Saturday I got a phone call from a good friend of mine, Amy, telling me that one of the young street couples she works with had called her to tell her thier 6 month old had died. This young couple lives on the streets and inhales ¨clefa¨which is a glue that can be bought cheap here that they all sniff constantly. The closet thing to decribe it would be rubber cement and they get high. They did an autopsy on the baby but there is no proof of foul play so I don´t think anything is going to happen. But I felt so bad for my friend to have to deal with a young couple that she works with losing a young child. And I felt bad for Jennifer because she was called upon to help with all the details and paperwork that surround a death here...

Then today (Tues) I went with Jennifer to take the young couple a copy of the autopsy report and the death certificate for the baby. It was quite an experience. They have their own little street community and everyone is a ¨clefero¨(the name for the people that inhale the ¨clefa¨glue all the time). There were two other babies that lived there too. One was probably around a year and a half old and the other was probably about 2-3 weeks old. But unfortunatley these people don´t want to leave their streeet life. They have homes here where they can go and live where they would have food and a roof over their heads and blankets but they don´t want to go because these places have rules - the first rule being that they can´t sniff glue. It is so hard to visit them and see what their quality of life is like. I am so thankful that my friend Amy feels called to work with them to try to help them change their lives.

So basically between the street baby death and then visiting the parents today it has been a heavy last few days. I have read about ¨cleferos¨and have heard tons of stories but I had never actually seen them or how they live. It is sad. And it is also hard because the glue they sniff smells so terrible even being near them you can almost get high - and they stick their whole nose into the bottle and sniff every few seconds. It´s just so sad to see them so addicted to ¨clefa¨.


Anyway, I´m exhuasted. Between working at the home for about 6 hours today and running to visit the street couple today with Jennifer I´m totally exhausted.