June 18, 2009

This week so far...

Sometimes people ask me what I do while I'm in Bolivia...and really that question is hard to answer. No two days are ever the same. When you're working at a house with 19 babies things are always different and always a little crazy. We do follow a schedule, but there are always extra things to do...
For example, I think it was Tuesday that I worked at the Baby Home in the morning and then in the evening I "babysat" at the older kid's home. Those kids are basically ages 4 to 12 so they are pretty self sufficient and perfectly happy to play in the yard and ride their little bikes around the house so the volunteer at House II, Sarah, and I got to know each other a little. Then we fed the kids dinner. That was interesting...trying to get 12 kids to sit down and behave and eat :)

Then Wednesday, I worked at the Baby Home until about 1:30 and then after "my" twins, E & E, woke up from their very short naps the Tias (the women who work at the home) got them ready to go out. Another volunteer, Molly, helped me because my twins are no longer precious tiny little babies, but rather are squirmy toddlers who do not like to sit still! First we took boy E to get his hair cut. Getting a squirmy one and a half year olds hair cut is interesting...I held him and he did a pretty good job. And he looks so, so, so, handsome now ! They always look more grown up once their hair is cut. (Here he is being his usual ¨travieso¨self climbing up the side of a crib...but isn´t he adorable!)

Then we took both twins to get their pictures taken for their government paperwork. That actually went really well too! Then we took them down the street for a snack while the pictures printed. That was fun we gave them some cake and pancakes and they LOVED it! In fact, I've never seen boy E open his mouth so wide to get food before! They've both always been good eaters though. And they behaved really well. But let me tell you I was tired by the time we got them back home.

Then I went out to dinner with my friend Amy (who works with street kids in Cochabamba) and her parents who are here visiting her. In fact, I'm at her apartment right now so that her dogs won't be alone while her and her parents visit the Chapare. Then a bunch of Casa de Amor volunteers went bowling at the only bowling alley in Cocha. I still can't believe I was at a bowling alley here...I didn't bowl - I just watched, because if you know me well you know bowling is NOT my favorite but it was fun to be with everyone.

Today (Friday) I took a little girl from our third home to get her hearing aides fitted! It was so neat when we had them both put in and she could actually hear us and turn to face the person talking! But taking a toddler on a LONG bus ride, then to a waiting room at a drs office, then on another long bus ride is exhausting!

In a little bit I´m headed to a praise and worship concert at the ¨Casa de OraciĆ³n¨(house of prayer). I´m excited to do something fun that is also FREE! Though I´ll probably get a drink since there is a coffee shop and the money goes to fun the ¨CO¨ as it is called here.

I´m going to leave you with a picture of our youngest baby who is almost 6 months old getting his first taste of cereal! It was fun and exciting to get to be the first to feed him cereal. And we´re all hoping that getting a little more food in his tummy during the day will help him sleep a little more at night because he LOVES to cry at night! Those of you that know Yisrael, do you see the resemblance? It´s especially noticable when he laughs!

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